Chinese Lecture" Integrated Medical Qigong" at 2pm

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A Chinese lecture of "Integrated Medical Qigong" will take place at 2pm, Feb. 17th ( next Sunday) at Read Lab Duncan, Guilford Middle School.


Mr. Suen  will share his valuable knowledge and experience about Qigong next Sunday. Medical Qikongcan be defined as a system of bio-energetics utilizing heat and vibration. It is used to bring about profound shifts in people's health.


 Below is the detailed information about this coming lecture.

Presenter: Mr. Suen

Time: Feb. 17th at 2pm-3:30pm

Location: Read Lab Duncan, Guilford Middle School (320 Lindley Rd, Greensboro, NC27410)


   Free adimission



Integrated Medical Qigong

  • 主講: 宣宗生 (Sam Suen, Ph.D.)



   美國 紐約州立賓漢敦比較文學博士, 電腦碩士

 經歷: 美國紐約州立賓漢敦講師


           美國 IBM 高級軟體 工程師 

  現任: CFCC Computer Engineer – Instructor

  • 綜合醫學氣功愛好, 研究者  


  • 定義: 氣和氣功之定義             
  • 練功: 練功實錄
  • 醫療: 治病實錄
  • 討論 (Q &A)

 Please pass on this email to your friends. If you have questions or concerns, please email to


I look forward to seeing you there! 


Happy Chinese New Year! Best wishes to everyone for the year of Snake!




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