Chinese School Seminar - Family finance strategy

Time: Nov 3 Sunday, 2 to 3:30 pm

Place: (Chinese School) Room # 208 School of Education Building, UNCG, 1300 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170


赵君果于1983年以当年第3成绩通过CGP(当年教育部项目)来Chapel Hill 读化学博士。在Duke博士后1年后在生物医药界(AndcareGSK)工作了二十多年。 后来他的兴趣转到了金融服务业。 通过帮助中产家庭实现他们的金融梦,他的人生价值得到了更好的体现。今年他刚辞去了GSK 6 位数的工作以便 全力以赴服务于社区。 这次他将有幸与大家分享以下信息:

·         我们面临的挑战。一般家庭要如何积累和保护财富

·         如何平衡投资的回报和风险

·         如何得到更多的大学助学金

·         如何退休;多少才够;如何管理回报,风险, 税,和终生的费用

·         如何省税:现在vs将来

·         各种保护:生命,财富,健康。如何保障我们的未来

·         房贷和房地产:有哪些因素需要考虑

·         遗产规划

·         金融服务业的发展和机遇


Dr. Junguo Zhao came to the US in 1983 through the CGP program (Chemistry Graduate program, organized by Harvard University and Fudan University in place of the then Ministry of Education), and got his Ph.D. in Chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill.  After post-doc at Duke for a year he worked for over 20 years in biotech and pharmaceutical (GSK) industry in product development.  After so many years in corporate, his passion shifted as he found that he can provide more value to the middle class families by helping them to reach their financial goals.

He has been in the financial service industry for over 3 years on part time basis and just quitted his 6-D job from GSK to focus on helping people to realize their financial dreams.  The topics he may cover this time including the following, depending on the local interests:

·         Challenges we are facing. What a typical family needs to consider in building and protecting wealth

·         Investment strategy: how to balance risk and return

·         College planning: how to maximize the potential financial aid

·         Retirement planning: how much is enough, how to get there, how to balance among growth, risk, tax and lifetime income

·         Tax strategy: how to minimize tax burden for now and for future

·         Protection: life, wealth, long term care, etc

·         Mortgage and real estate investment: what factors should be considered

·         Estate planning

·         Business opportunity in financial services

The presentation may last 60-90 mins depending on local interests.


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