With the advent of s

With the advent of souhtcrts in communication there has been a pretty steep decline in writing and reading comprehension across the board as well as the way brains seem to be processing information. Based on some of the things I have witnessed I would say the average drop would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 years (seniors in high school reading/writing on a 6th grade level). People are used to thinking in 'text messages' where thoughts are incomplete or sliced very thinly so there is no development or depth.That seemed to be the same mental state that spread into the art world as computers were not looked upon as a tool but rather the answer to all things...no development or actual process of observational skills...just throw it on the computer and shove some pixels around. The school I went to was fighting that mentality although students had an almost mob mindset that the computers would reign. The administration didn't give in although a lot of schools did seem to go that way. Thankfully things seem to be swinging back to the importance of observational skills developed through traditional media so that if and when computers are accessed they are used much more effectively and quality isn't compromised.Our group from the same class that had solid paying job offers out of college had the same thing in common...observational skills shown through use of traditional media...and I keep hearing from even smaller colleges that push 'traditional art learning' how their students are getting the jobs ahead of bigger named schools that have neglected that style of thought. I have heard from several employers "It is about time we are getting designers that know how to use a pencil and are not just button mashers."


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